A Quick Announcement

J.R., here.

Starting with Week 23, we will be reducing the maximum number of books each week from 25 to a more manageable 20. The reason for this has to do with the fact that the episodes are getting mildly unwieldy, not just from a listening standpoint, but when it comes to recording as well. Adam and I have been all too aware of how long each episode is, and we were faced with a choice: Fewer books, or less discussion.

When we started this, it was originally just going to be a sort of book club, where we'd read a bunch of comics and then get together and talk about them individually and in the larger context of the Marvel U. It was only on a whim that we decided to make a podcast out of it.

The fact is, the discussion about the books is the whole reason we're doing this, and it didn't feel right to betray that and fly through the books each week. So, the only option is to reduce the number of books we read. It'll take a while longer, but it's the best way to keep doing this the way we want.

Thanks for listening!