Who Are We?

The short answer is, we're just two guys who love comics. We decided one day to set out upon a chronological reading of the Marvel universe, and (on a whim) to podcast about it. Every week, we talk about the books we've read, tell stories, and make fun of what deserves it. It all comes from a place of love.


JR - @JRobertSweany

Pedantic manboy. JR was birthed fully formed and ready for battle from the head of Zeus. He may be a pathological liar. 


Max - @othyem2468

Max is a creature of myth, a cryptozoological marvel glimpsed only briefly by the occasional lucky camper. Many have searched, but his existence is too pure, too magical, to be left to something as banal as reality. In truth, Max is inside all of us.

Especially you.